Terms and Conditions


These are the terms and conditions for working with C A Fitzsimons as applicable from July 2017. They apply to any single piece of editing work for which a sample is requested or/and quotation is given from 10 February 2016 until such time as this page is updated. Any subsequent pieces of work are subject to the terms and conditions in force at the time which a sample is requested or/and quotation is given.

Note that if you have your own documented agreement with me, provisions in that document over-ride those set out here; anything listed below which is not covered in your agreement stands as here.


Please note that I reserve the right to refuse work, even if I have worked with you before, if I do not feel comfortable with its content.

I am fine with swearing, drug and alcohol references and sex scenes. I am unable to work with material that has repeated graphic descriptions of extreme violence or/and cruelty or whose purpose, explicit or implicit, is to denigrate any group of people.

If I accept a piece of work in good faith and then find it contains such material, I reserve the right to stop work and charge for time spent working on the project before this became clear at a rate of £30/hour. To avoid this, please make sure I am aware of any potential issues when you ask me to prepare a quotation.

Thank you for respecting my preferences and boundaries in this respect.


I will quote a price and timescale to you in good faith and based on the information you provide to me. For editing and formatting of longer pieces, I reserve the right to request a sample of around 1000 words before producing a quotation. Provided the sample does not form a substantial part of the whole work, I am happy to return an edited version of all or part of it (at my discretion), without charge, to help you in your decision. This places you under no obligation to accept my services.

The price quoted for an edit will allow for an amount of follow up correspondence or/and discussion that is reasonable for the nature of the piece and edit requested. It will not include a second edit of all or part of the work (although I would be willing to re-edit parts only at a discounted rate), and I reserve the right to charge an hourly rate should you wish to enter into extended discussion or correspondence. I will, of course, advise you if I think this is likely to happen.

If, before starting or while working on a project, I find I am unlikely to meet the deadline or price agreed for any reason, I will inform you as soon as I am able, let you know what I would require to complete, and stop work while you decide how you wish to proceed. Should you then decide to cancel, I reserve the right to charge for any time spent working on the project to the point where the problem occurred at the word or hourly rate we have agreed.


If you have work which I am unable to carry out, I will try to recommend an appropriate and reliable alternative editor. I will not pass your details to colleagues without your authorisation. The price and service you arrange with the alternative supplier is outside of my concern and your arrangement is with them personally: I am not liable for that relationship, service, price or work.

Transfer and retention of materials and data

I undertake most work electronically and would therefore expect to receive and return documents by email, through a cloud storage facility or, for confidential business materials, through secure remote access. To protect your work, I will not upload or download material for any client over an unsecured public connection, will check ingoing and outgoing material for viruses (see Corruption and viruses below), and will not store work or back-ups on unprotected media.

If documents are to be transferred through a physical medium, then costs of return postage—including any packaging costs and fees for insurance in transit—will be added to your invoice. Although I will take reasonable care to ensure no loss or damage, please do not send me your only copy.

Unless agreed otherwise, when work has been completed, I will destroy the original materials, relevant correspondence and completed versions within six months of payment. Exceptions are:

  • when you have indicated you are likely want further work from me on the same piece (e.g. an edit following a manuscript review, or a second edit), or a related piece (e.g. a sequel), in which case we will agree an appropriate timescale
  • style sheets that summarise your preferences which will be kept as part of your client record to save having to re-create them when we next work together
  • user names and passwords supplied to or created by me for uploading books to suppliers, all records of which will be destroyed as soon as the work is completed satisfactorily (and should then be changed immediately by you).

Your personal/company details will, of course, not be passed to any other person or company without your explicit consent.

Corruption and viruses

I check documents sent to me for viruses. If you send me a document or email containing a virus, I will alert you as soon as I am able, and I reserve the right NOT to work with you/on that document, whatever pricing and service offer we have agreed.

I reserve the right to use corruption detecting software on the documents you send me. If I find that your document is corrupted, I cannot undertake to promise that any formatting I undertake on the document, including setting up headings and tables of contents, line spacing and other display procedures, will remain stable when you open the document.

If I find corruption present in the document, I will inform you and EITHER we will agree that you accept that the document may not remain stable OR I will cancel the job and return the document to you with no work. If I have worked on part of the document before the corruption became an issue, I will reserve the right to charge for the time spent OR word count worked on, at my discretion.

Plagiarism and copyright

If I find that you have extensively plagiarised in your work, or have concerns that material may require additional permissions, I reserve the right to check you have received those permissions or/and refuse to work any further. I also reserve the right to charge for any work I have already undertaken on your document.

This statement mainly relates to images and to student work, but if I find that you have copied another organisation or person’s web or other text, or I am asked to change a text lifted from one source to be used in another without attribution, the same conditions apply.


I will always keep in mind that what you have sent is a draft, be it the first or the fifteenth, and respect the work you have put into it. This means I won’t share or publish any opinions of your work—or you as a writer—based on documents sent to me, nor would I expect to see comments I have made on a draft quoted as my opinion of the completed piece.

Even if your work has not changed significantly between being sent to me and being published (e.g. because you have sent it to me for a final proofread or formatting), please do not ask me to publish a review. Because I have an association (however small) with the work, to do so could be viewed as a form of ‘sock-puppetry’ and accusations of that would be damaging to your reputation (and mine).

Invoicing and Payment

In most cases I produce an invoice once I have completed your work. This final invoice price is non-negotiable (see Quotations above). In the case of large projects and entirely at my discretion, I reserve the right to request a down-payment in advance, or to return the work to you watermarked or locked with the un-watermarked/unlocked copy being sent to you upon receipt of your payment.

Payment for work undertaken at student rate will be due upon completion of the work. For other work, payment is due within 30 days of the invoice date.

You may pay by sterling cheque, bank transfer or deposit into any branch of Halifax Bank. I can accept PayPal remittances in exceptional circumstances. My account details will be on the invoice. You are responsible for any charges made by your bank, card or PayPal to enable you to pay the invoiced amount in sterling.

If your payment is late, I may charge interest at 8% above the current Bank of England base rate or/and a debt recovery fee (usually £40, but £70 for larger invoices).