Manuscript review

Notebook and penHave you written a novel and wonder if it’s worth doing anything with it? Collected your blog posts together into a ‘How-to’ guide but wonder if they’ll work off-line? Put together your life-story for the family and now wonder if others would be interested too?

Are you reluctant to ask your friends what they think because they’re bound to be too nice? Can’t ask people at work because they don’t read? Worry that your writing group will be sniffy or unhelpful about your sci-fi because they’re all writing poetry (or vice versa)?

Then let me help.

I can read through your latest draft and give you a detailed (600-1000 word) review from the standpoint of an impartial, intelligent reader who knows more than a bit about giving constructive feedback.

I won’t charge you a fortune, skim-read or skip bits, or steal or pass on your story or idea*.

I will tell you what is good as well as what doesn’t quite work. I will look beyond the plot, events or instructions to other things which are appropriate to your genre: language, layout, characters, dialogue, atmosphere, plausibility and so on.

Yes, I admit that I may suggest that the next thing you do is get me (or someone else) to edit it, but if I think there are things you should sort out yourself first, I’ll tell you.

On the other hand, if I think it’s ready, I’ll encourage you to go out in search of an agent or contract or publish it yourself (although I can also help with formatting your book for submissions or self-publishing).

Either way, you get an honest assessment from someone who is part of your potential market—a buyer, reader and lover of books.

Why pay?

  • Honest, unbiased opinion.
  • Report suggesting what to keep and what to change to suit your market.
  • Support for the next step – be that confidence to complete or sell, or ideas for how to improve.

*Not that I think other people do that either, but I write too: I know it’s a niggling little worry in the back of your mind.