I have used Catherine’s services on editing both of my full-length careers books. As an editor myself, I have very high standards—and having Catherine edit them was like having a me-clone do them—and it reassured me that I could be confident in publishing, knowing that my eagle-eyed readers wouldn’t find anything awry. I have no hesitation in recommending Catherine’s services if I need cover for my regular clients and/or need to recommend an alternative editor if I am too busy to take a project on. Her experience with creative writers is particularly useful and she will be able to offer an end-to-end service which will be invaluable to novelists, in particular first-time publishers.

Liz Dexter

Thank you Catherine for proofreading and editing my manuscript. Writing a crime novel set in the late 19th century and early 20th century, with real historic, artistic and scientific references, I certainly provided you with a copyediting challenge, which you took in your stride. I enjoyed reading your comments and it definitely feels like the finished article now, just needed that polish which you provided. Thanks again


Catherine has worked alongside me for eight years helping to produce a community magazine three times a year. She is an excellent proofreader and copy editor, often spotting mistakes others don’t notice. The main thing that has been most valuable to me is her layout skills. She has been doing the layout for the magazine for several years, dealing with fitting different length articles into the space available, adding in pictures, tables, choosing the right fonts for headings. To keep the layout simple and the document share-able, we’ve done the layout in Word, which can sometimes be tricky for Catherine, as it sometimes complains if there are too many pictures; however, she manages to keep everything in its place, knowing all the ways round the issues that can crop up in Word, as well as having the patience to fix any problems. As well as being a great team member, Catherine has also taken over as Editor a couple of times, when I’ve taken time out, and I’ve always known I can trust her with anything that needs doing.

Emily Westlake Editor of Listen, the magazine for the Lay Community of St Benedict

I have known Catherine as a fellow member of a challenging writers’ group for a couple of years. She is an erudite and widely-read editor with sources of knowledge which I find astounding. I have been delighted with the work she has done on my first book. She read an early version over a year ago and her candid comments at that stage gave me an insight into both what my readers would like and what they would find uninteresting. She offered some suggestions best described as structural guidance which have had a telling effect on the final outcome. Her value to me was and is immense. Her ability to see through the script for inconsistencies has ensured that readers will be able to follow my various plots in a long book. Her corrections to my work have been invaluable. Her technical know-how, especially in MS Word, has been an education. I have already indicated that the sequel and prequel to my current books will be offered to her as soon as they are written.

David Deanshaw, author of The Price of Loyalty

I have worked with Catherine for many years on the production of a community magazine in my capacity as contributor, member of the editorial board, and also for three years as Editor. In that time I came to value her rôle as a proofreader and copy editor. It was always to her that I turned when a contributor needed particular help to express their ideas clearly. Catherine was able to work patiently with an author to bring out the points they wished to make whilst retaining the full sound of their own particular voice. She also understands the mechanics of the English language, and can spot and correct errors very swiftly. She is an erudite woman with an extremely wide range of interests in both Arts and Sciences. As a Physics graduate and trained teacher she worked for many years as a teacher and school manager, developing many skills that transfer well into editing work. Her knowledge base is not confined to Physics however; she can work fluently in all areas of science, and has an encyclopaedic knowledge of English Literature. She has great expertise in the IT environment, and prepares the layout of pages for publication very competently, producing an aesthetic “look” to a page which supports the meaning of the article.

William Merrick Educational consultant, textbook author and editor, member of Rising Stars advisory panel.

I have known Catherine for over eight years, the first seven of these as a colleague.  Catherine is a true professional and meticulous in everything that she does.  Catherine is a perfectionist and you will have your work completed only when she is 100% sure it meets her own very high standards.  She is a wonderful person, aware of her strengths and also able to make fun of her own funny little ways!  I cannot recommend her highly enough for whatever your business requirements are as I can very confidently say she will do the best job possible. I’m sure that you will not be disappointed by the quality of her work.

Fiona Haworth

Thank you for your edits to my article. I think I’ll go with most of the changes you made because it still feels like I wrote it, to me (if that makes sense).

Catherine O