Formatting – pricing

Pile of booksPrices below are for straightforward fiction / non-fiction with chapter headings, some use of bold or/and italics, and cover and front matter (copyright notice, acknowledgements and so on) also supplied. Special layout (eg poetry), frequent switches of font or /and style, multiple hyperlinks, dealing with illustrations, footnotes, reformatting of cover art and so on will require a greater amount of work, so please contact me for a quotation.

Basic formatting

Up to 40 000 words (including appendices & front matter) = £50 then add £8 for each 10 000 words (rounded to nearest 5000). Example: with front matter, that NaNo novel is probably now around 52 000 words, but that’s still nearer 50 000 than 55 000, so the cost would be £50 + £8 = £58 This includes the production of up to four files: a ‘clean’ version of the file supplied, pdf, epub or/and mobi, which will be returned to you for printing / publishing as required. I can upload them to your account(s) for a small additional cost. Please contact me for details.


Producing a document using Smashwords style-sheet and criteria = £10 in addition to base cost above.

Print-on-demand services (eg Create Space / Lulu)

Uploading cleaned file and supplied cover materials to single PoD website = £25 in addition to base cost above.

Related services

Writing suitable copyright notice, producing basic cover from supplied image and text, adding suitable meta-data etc. Please contact me for details.