Editing and proofreading – pricing

Purple and blue logoMy basic rate for prose is £10 per 1 000 words (rounded to nearest 500), with a minimum charge of £10.

Example: that 51 345-word NaNoWriMo novel has a rounded-up word count of 51 500 and so would cost 51.5 x £10 = £515.

For what this covers please see Services|Editing and proofreading.

I reserve the right to increase this rate if you need a fast turn-around or I feel your work is going to take even more than my usual degree of care and attention (for example, non-fiction with a lot of cross-references or captioned illustrations, historical fiction which may need extra consideration given to the words used in dialogue, or non-native English which you would like me to help you naturalise).

I may however, offer discounts for students, unpublished and self-publishing authors, and second and subsequent edits where I’ve done the first one (including edits following a manuscript review).

In order to produce a quotation tailored to your needs – and for you to determine if you are happy with how I work – then I would be pleased to do a free, no-obligation sample of around 1000 words (as long as this does not make up more than twenty percent of the entire piece).

Please contact me for details, and for more information about rates for screenplays, poetry, short story collections and anthologies.