About Catherine

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Hello. I’m Catherine.

I have always loved words and reading. I paid daily visits to the local library as a child, read a couple of hundred books each year and write reviews for most of them. My tastes are wide-ranging: from hefty Booker Prize winners to short stories, from chick lit to thrillers, from teen fiction to classics. And not just fiction: poetry, history, biography, travel, science … For almost any type of writing, you can be confident I know something of the conventions of the genre, the expectations of your readers and, quite probably, at least a little about your subject. 

I belong to a couple of very different writing groups and, believing it is always possible to learn more, have been a student on several creative writing courses. I was also a teacher for many years so am therefore used to giving constructive, analytical feedback to those who have never written before as well as more experienced authors.

For several years, I have worked as a copy-editor and proofreader — and done the layout —for a community magazine, so I’m confident working with large documents that contain images, text boxes and tables. (Since my first degree is in Physics, I have no fear of charts, graphs and equations that might be in your work either.) The articles in this magazine are often very personal, so you can be sure that I will treat your work with sensitivity and discretion.

My goal is always to support you in sharing your thoughts in words that remain your own.

I won’t try to force you to follow arcane rules of grammar if breaking or stretching them expresses your message in an individual way, or is the key to understanding a character or situation you have created.

Immediately before moving into this field, I was a data manager and analyst. A what? Someone focussed on getting the details right and understanding the wider implications of each little change—exactly what you should expect from me as an editor. It also meant coaxing every part of Microsoft Office to behave as I wanted and working with a range of other programmes too—sometimes having to learn a new system very quickly. As a result, I’m good at finding out and fixing the things that make your document go wrong when you transfer it to Kindle or a template from a print on demand publisher. And, if you use Scrivener, I can deal with the Compiler in that too.My teaching experience is mainly in multi-cultural city schools but I also worked in the Maldives, with colleagues from all over South Asia, so I am familiar with a wide variety of Englishes and working with those for whom English is a second, third or even fourth language.

I can therefore work with you at every stage of producing your book, article, thesis or poem to help you make sure that your writing is consistent, accurate and effective and that the finished product is clearly and professionally presented.